Terry Wreford Hann

We are very lucky to be able to stock Terry's unique work here in Hawke's Bay. Terry lives in the Wairarapa New Zealand with his partner in life, business and multi award winning photographer Esther Bunning. Together they work full time in a mix of photography and video for clients in New Zealand and overseas.

Photography is Terry's whole life, he has had no other career path. It all started when he was 19 when I got a job with the New Zealand tourist department washing bromide prints in the black and white lab at the National Publicity Studios in 1974. Washing prints is a little like washing the floor in any business because you want to get a foothold in that business.

Terry progressed through the lab printing black and white and processing film and then on to trainee photographer. When he left NPS he was a senior photographer and started his own business. Within a few years everything went digital and so did he.

Terry's commercial photography company has now been registered for over 30 years and he is proud to be a ‘Grand Master of photography’ with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP)

Terry Hann | Contributing Artist | Photographer