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Welcome to Cathedral Gallery. The art and photo gallery is owned and operated by two expert print makers; Richard Wood and Chris Helliwell, whose passions have always focused on the printed finished artwork. Richard, a world renowned and highly awarded creative photographer, and Chris, a passionate photographer, picture framer and art preservation expert, have joined forces to bring not only their own art pieces to the gallery, but also those from artists all round New Zealand. The gallery's beautiful art deco rooms are situated upstairs and close to the beach in Napier City in Hawke's Bay. The gallery's primary focus is on both art and photographic limited edition prints that complement the home and office. Art can be purchased both from the gallery itself or you can buy art online.


Tony Carter - Cathedral Gallery Artist ( Magpie in Cemetary Art)
Kate MacKenzie - Cathedral Gallery Artist
Josh Lancaster | Contributing Artist at Cathedral Gallery, Napier.
Mount Ruapehu Erupting 1995 by Tim Whittaker
Waipatiki Beach. Art by Lacey Middleton
Richard Wood - Venice Boats | Cathedral Gallery Artist and Owner ( Venice Boats/Gondolas from St Makrs Square)
Rachael Smith - Cathedral Gallery Artist - Flames
All Artworks | Cathedral Gallery | Hawke's Bay


T. +64 27 479 3297  | | 16 Hastings St, Napier. 4110
Tuesday - Friday 11am-4pm | Saturday 10am-4pm | Sunday, Monday Closed
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